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Curtin University of Technology
Twins and Multiples


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Promoting the website

A website is only useful if it is used. Here is a flyer which can be used to draw attention to the resources of the website. For example, it can be given to

The flyer has been prepared to show that the website is based upon solid research and has been created by people with extensive experience with multiples, education, psychology and special needs. For convenience, the same material is presented in two ways

Download double sided site PDF flyerDouble sided website flyer (62k PDF) - easier if you want to make many copies.

Download three-fold site PDF flyerThree-fold format website flyer (62k PDF) - easier for people to carry around or to distribute.

In both cases, the idea is to use these single-sided originals to make double-sided copies.

A space is deliberately left blank on the last section of the flyer to insert information about your local resources, research organisation etc.

We also have a flyer to invite people to join the Australian Twin Registry which also contains an explanation of what it is and how useful it is.

Download ATR PDF flyer Australian Twin Registry flyer (23k PDF).

Zygosity Questionnaire

As noted in the 'What does being a multiple mean?' section, a simple questionnaire can be used as a method of assigning zygosity to multiple birth children.

Download zygosity questionnaire PDF Zygosity Questionnaire (13k pdf).

Model for Relationships

As noted in the'Personal, Social and Emotional Development' section, this checklist can be used as basic guide to a child's speech development.

Download relationships model PDF the model for relationships (16k pdf).

Speech and Language Checklist

As noted in the 'Helping multiples develop language skills' section, this checklist can be used as basic guide to a child's speech development.

Download language checklist PDF Speech and Language Checklist (11k pdf).

School Readiness Questionnaire

As noted in the 'Are these multiples ready?' section, this questionnaire can be used to find out about the needs of multiple birth children when they start school.

Download school readiness questionnaire PDF School Readiness Questionnaire (pdf 40k).

Checklist for parent/teacher discussion of twin separation

As noted in the 'Together or apart' section, this checklist can be used as as an aid to deciding whether to separate children into separate classes.

Download twin separation checklist PDF Twin separation checklist (25k pdf).

School Policy

As noted in the 'Developing a School policy regarding multiples' section, this questionnaire can be used by teachers for an initial assessment of new multiples entering their school.

Download school policy PDF School Policy (119k pdf).

ADHD checklist

As noted in the 'special needs' section, this checklist can be used as a guide to whether more thorough assessment of the child for ADHD may be needed.

Download ADHD checklist PDF ADHD checklist (17k pdf).