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Twins and Multiples
John Mascazine Bio

John Mascazine

John Mascazine is currently an associate professor of education at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. ( He teaches courses preparing candidates to teach science at all levels from pre-school through secondary school. He also teaches educational psychology to candidates preparing to teach middle and secondary students.

John was trained as a teacher of middle school science and mathematics, and had taught twelve years before embarking on doctoral research on twins and multiples and how they learn. His principle research interests are on the unique school experiences and particular learning styles of multiple birth students. He regularly shares his research with teachers and peer researchers.

John authored a book to help parents and teachers understand and relate to the needs of twins and multiples as students. His book, Understanding Multiple-Birth Children and How They Learn, was in response to the many questions and concerns parents had expressed as he collected data for his dissertation. The book contains inventories to help parents and teachers assess the unique ways which their children learn.

Dr. Mascazine has presented at national, international, and statewide conferences on the school-related issues. He has written several articles on the unique needs of twins, and how such information can benefit all students in the classroom. He has worked closely with organizations such as the International Society for Twins Studies (ISTS), National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC), Multiple Births Canada, Twinsburg Twins Days Research Fair, and the Columbus Mothers of Twins.

John is currently collecting data on the perceptions and misconceptions held by novice and experienced teachers with regard to the placement and teaching of twins and multiples.