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Twins and Multiples

Twin Registries and Study Groups

ADHD Australia logo

ADHD Australia
'This site gives descriptions of ADHD-C and ADHD-I, comorbid disorders, treatments, alternative treatment, informs re research and ADHD, lists current clinical trials in Australia. Provides more information about Bipolar and Asperger's. Lists relevant sites for further information in Australia and overseas. Has on-line a book written by the author of the web site (a person with ADHD-C). also has "Honor Code" endorsement which requires it to met the strict requirements of the Health on the Net Foundation.'

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ADHD Resource
'This is a website setup to provide useful, current information on genetic research on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is hoped that the information provided on these pages will be particularly useful for research scientists focusing on ADHD, but also for the general public looking for a starting place to locate scientific information on ADHD data. This site is not intended to be similar to the parent support sites or any of the commericial sites but it is hoped that visitors to those sites may also find the information here useful.'

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Australian Twin Registry
'The Australia Twin Registry is a not-for-profit organisation which facilitates and supports medical and scientific studies that involve the participation of twins and or their relatives. These studies use the special characteristics of twins to enable questions of health and wellbeing relevant to Australians to be answered in ways that they otherwise could not. Members of the Australian Twin Registry are provided with information via letter regarding twin studies that they may be eligible for, and decides on their involvement. If the twin is interested in the study, they then fill in a response form which provides permission for the Australian Twin Registry to pass on their contact details to the research group running the study.
Twins of all types, of any age and in any state of health, are welcome to join the Australian Twin Registry. To register, or find out more, please call us on Freecall 1800 037 021 or register online'

Finnish Twin Cohort Study

'An international, nonpolitical, nonprofit, multidisciplinary scientific organization. Its purpose is to further research and public education in all fields related to twins and twin studies, for the mutual benefit of twins and their families and of scientific research in general'

Mid Atlantic Twin Registry
'a registry of the families of preschool, school age, and adult twins born or living in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina'

Twin Study at Harvard

National Twin Registry - Sri Lanka

Southern California Twin Project
'coordinating a series of research studies of twins'

STR logo

Swedish Twin Registry
'Swedish registry of twins involved in research about the genetic and environmental influences for behavioral characteristics and diseases.'

University of Wisconsin Twin Center
'conducting research into socio-emotional development from infancy to middle school years in twins'

Western Australia Twin Registry
'The WA Twin Register is the only population-based register of twins and other multiples in Australia, and one of a few twin-family registers anywhere in the world'

A Dutch organisation for parents of multiples