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Curtin University of Technology
Twins and Multiples

What can families do?

There are many good guides available locally about how to prepare children for preschool and what makes a child ready for preschool. Skills such as knowing their name, their age, basic colours, drawing and counting skills, holding a crayon etc. are not specific to multiples. However it may be important to assess these skills relative to their prematurity. There are also some more specific things for multiples. The start of school may be too late for parents to begin thinking about their multiple birth children developing "mature dependence". An awareness of our model may help parents and professionals to reflect upon the relationship between the children and to instigate strategies to encourage "mature dependence" in readiness for school.

Some twins are so close that they seem like a couple or unit and may even respond to both names interchangeably. Separation is not necessarily linked to the development of individuality. Children are actually in school for a short time and most of their pre-school development is in the home. It is important to help multiples develop as individuals by:

You may choose to talk to the preschool in terms of: