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Curtin University of Technology
Twins and Multiples

Research, references and recommended reading

There is still a focus upon medical and scientific research using multiples as a 'tool' rather than considering the needs of the multiples themselves and their families. This section provides references for those wishing to find out more about multiples both for personal interest and for research.

Those planning to embark upon educational research may contact Nancy Segal (via email on In return for advice given the authors require acknowledgement of the support given through the website and Curtin University, a summary of the research and access to any published articles so that the findings can be published on the website. We also have one of the largest twin datasets collected for research and can be contacted on the above email address for details of the application process for access for educational research access. Note that no contact details will ever be provided in any research dataset.

Please do not use the above email address for requests for specific advice on individual circumstances as we are unable to provide such advice.