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Curtin University of Technology
Twins and Multiples

Supporting multiples with special needs

This section examines some of the difficulties that are more common in multiples.

The higher rate of reading problems is associated with the speech and language difficulties discussed in the Preschool section and with higher rates of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

For many ADHD remains a controversial diagnosis, but recognising it and managing it in the home and classroom can go a long way to helping these children reach their full potential.

There are higher risks for pregnancy and delivery, which may lead to several significant problems such as cerebral palsy and intellectual disability.

It is not just educating the multiple with special needs that matters, but also considering how the other multiple(s) and indeed the whole family are affected.

The same risks that lead to more multiples having special needs also leads to a higher mortality before and at birth. Schools may need to be aware of this because of the extra pressures that can face the surviving multiples in the family.